Warcraft Healing Blog – How to reduce overhealing?

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Warcraft Healing Blog – How to Reduce Overhealing?

As a druid – overhealing has been a bug bear of mine for a number for years! Made worse now by the power of absorbs from Discipline Priests and Holy Paladins. Although i do think that absorbs do have a place in the game and that Priests and Paladins should have them.

But how to reduce overall overhealing, my suggestion is somewhat simplistic but not, in my opinion, without merit.

Half the mana-cost of spells and half the effectiveness of ALL heals(at least!)

What will this do? Well for a start it would mean that not one single heal would be enough to “top-off” any player, it would take a number of ticks of a hot (over ten seconds or so), or 2 or 3 casted spells to bring someone up to full HP. Which means that it could take 2 or 3 healers to top someone off. This would mean that healers heals would all count, and the topping off process would be slower and allow healers to move around their raid frames without tripping over each others heals. Halving the mana-cost would mean that we could still do the same overall amount of healing – but it would be in twice the amount of time.

Obviously fights like Thok the Bloodthirsty would not be able to happen! Because there is no way that amount of AOE damage and the frequency could be dealt with. But I seem to remember the Maiden of Virtue fight, where she had a ticking “concecration” type attack which affected melee. This was able to be dealt with, it was hard work (notwithstanding the repentance aoe!) but it was challenging and fun. Maybe it was fun because it was really my first attempts at healing! But as I have stayed a healer I guess I find some enjoyment still!

The other thing is smart heals, to be honest i am not a fan of these at all! There is no interaction between me and the game bar me pressing the heal! Thats it, so, whats the point? I should be doing the healing, not the ingame mechanics. Remove them and remove the damage that they are supposed to heal.

So what kinds of boss mechanics would be good? Well, I’m not an encounter designer, but it seems they have got to a point that the only way to challenge healers is MORE DAMAGE! And i think that constant ticking damage is ok as a mechanic, but the more interesting fights are where healers are split up, or like Nourshen where you have a “test” to pass, or Valithria where you have to heal the NPC up or targeted damage to a player, I like the Sniper in the General Nazgrim Heroic, who ALWAYS targets a healer. Maze phase in Durumu was interesting, but the cutter beam was a bit harsh, maybe be more interesting if you got transported to a different realm where you had a chance to survive, rather than insta death. Immerseus is a pain, i really do hate that fight!

So, overhealing, just reduce EVERYTHING, mana costs, heal intensity, healing spells, smart heals, healing by DPS, (come on this is a little silly!) Except for Monks where I think if you want to DPS as a healer, then go fistweaver! Dream of Cenarius, though fun, isn’t really great, and atonement is just way overpowered, I do not really understand why a Priest has this ability at all really, or have it heal (like Dream of Cenarius), rather than leave a shield.

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