Siegecrafter Blackfuse Healing

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Siegecrafter Blackfuse Healing – 25 Man Heroic

Finally, after approx 180 wipes, our hardwork paid off and we became the 725th guild in the west, 470th in the EU and 1st on our Server to kill Siegecrafter Blackfuse on Heroic difficulty. A not altogether shabby achievement!

We achieved this with a healing team of 5. The kill team comprised of a Resto Druid, 2x Resto Shaman, a Holy Priest and a Disc Priest. But we have to acknowledge that the entire healing team of Exile was involved throughout this boss. We operated a system of swapping the people on reserve in at the half way point of the evening so everybody got at least half a nights practice on the boss, every raid night. Any of the other healers, which were another Resto Druid and 2 Disc Priests, could have been in for the kill, it just so happened on the team that was currently there.

But this brings into the room a question about the makeup of the healing team for Siegecrafter Blackfuse. The fight is not overly healing intensive, except for some hairy moments on the tanks, so you require 2 tank healers. One for the boss tank, which was me, the Resto Druid, and a Disc Priest was on the shredder tank, but we also used a Shaman for this role too. It is important that the shredder tank healer is given the ability to roam, as they will need to stay inrange of the tank, which is not always where the group is! With the ranged and healers all grouped up, it was a good fight for Shaman as their chain heal was not wasted, also Healing Rain worked well on the Ranged. For the melee the Druids mushroom, with efflorescence, was placed for them. Raw healing of Holy Priest and Shaman, held the raid together, where the excellent single target abilities of the Druid kept the boss tank alive.

Tank Cooldowns. We used every tank cooldown we had! This includes Iron Bark, Pain Suppression, Vigilance, Hand of Sacrifice and Symbiosis for an additional cooldown. They will need ALL of them throughout the fight. Our tanks did an excellent job of knowing when they needed them and called for them in a predictable order in plenty of time for the other person to react.

Raid Cooldowns. These were not so essential, but obviously they were used. Most of them were used for Death from Above or Overload, Magnetic Pull was another time that Totems and Barriers were used as we were taking damage and struggling to cast on players, insta heals were used to good effect here. Otherwise we chained them in the last 15% of the boss to ensure that we weren’t struggling with damage from fire or sawblades.

What do Healers get targeted by? Healers are legitimate targets for Saw Blades and Laser and you need to make sure that you survive them. We used the tactic of Saw Blades always to the left and Laser always straight to the back. You will have to learn where to put them in the Empowered Laser phase, as this, along with Magnetic Pull can make kiting and positioning blades and lasers where you want them problematic. Kiting the laser during this Magnetic Pulls phase, with the Empowered Laser having already been applied, means there is only small channels of free space, AND you have the Laser Chasing you AND you have to avoid the Saw Blades going back and forth. This is OK, as long as you are aware of where everything is, watch the path of the Saw Blades and how far the Laser is behind you. Be careful as you may leave yourself with nowhere to run if you go the wrong way! Also you are taking ticking damage from the Magnetic Pull, ensure that you heal yourself! And if you do have run through fire, use a personal CD on yourself.

It takes practise, but if you have a willing team, an excellent belt team, as seen by the video by Wolfsteak Here, then he will go down.

Siegecrafter Blackfuse Healing

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