Healing Paragons of the Klaxxi

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Healing Paragons of the Klaxxi

We have just restarted our progress again, having killed Siegecrafter Blackfuse for the second time. For ninety minutes of Wednesday and three hours on Thursday we have progressed now to getting the first and second Klaxxi down on a regular basis.

As with all progression it is learning single parts of the fight at a time and making small adjustments. For example, when letting the parasites through, we shifted from allows the seventh injection through to the eighth. This had a massive impact, for the healers that we no longer had 10 parasites running around damaging people. This is how progress is, small changes to a tactic to allow us to progress slightly further into the fight.

So, healing setup. Thursday night we started with 2 Resto Druids, 1 Resto Shaman, 2 Discipline Priests. Half way though the night we swapped one Resto Shaman for another, and one Discipline Priest for a Holy Priest. This setup with one Discipline Priest and 1 Holy Priest seemed to work better, so it is looking like the same kind of setup that we had for Siegecrafter Blackfuse, which in itself makes sense!

So, things to look out for whilst healing Paragons of the Klaxxi. Starting, the tanks take an awful lot of damage at the first pull, in fact, if you watch the first pull our Paladin tank took an first hit of 1.2 million damage (thats after mitigation), we’re not sure why, but he died, this was a single hit from Skeer. After that it never happened again, so maybe it was just a “welcome back to the fight” from Blizzard! Other high damage is the parasites, they do less damage when they are in melee range of their target, so do not root them! But that can become challenging when the parasites are there for a while, it is important that your DPS that are turned into scorpions eat them as fast as possible! Rapid Fire is another ability that has the potential to do an awful lot of damage, you MUST avoid the bolts or (as you might see sometimes on my videos) you die almost straight away and with the other AOE damage it’ll only take another small hit to kill you. The other ability to worry about is Aim, depending on who it targets, you may need a soaking team, they may need healing. If the person targeted does not have a damage reduction cool down, you will need to put one on them, Druid Ironbark is perfect as it should be up for every Aim. Once Skeer is dead you get the guy charging around and throwing Amber and charging around the room.

Amber on the floor is a pain to deal with, and you cannot stand in it as the damage is so high that it will kill you very quickly. So, as a healer be to the side, and look out for the graphic on the floor that says it is incoming, and get the hell away from it! Avoiding the charge is reasonably easy, just get out the green line. However, as for one of our pulls you can get a parasite on you, Rapid Fire heading towards you, Aim on you and then charged through. Needless to say I died on that attempt!

So for the first three bosses for healing Paragons of the Klaxxi the summary is this:

Large tank hits at the start.
Large tank hits unpredictable throughout the fight.
Ground heals on the parasite group up point for ranged and melee.
Lots of heals on the players with Hunger.
Avoid the Rapid Fire.
Cooldown on the Aim target if necessary.
Avoid the green charging lines.
Get out of the Amber.

Will continue this blog once we have got further into the fight!

Healing team that started:

Abysdruid, Yrexin, Romulos, Asteria, Tarathat

Healing team that finished:

Abysdruid, Ripkai, Yrexin, Asteria, Tuja

Healing Paragons of the Klaxxi Videos

Healing Paragons of the Klaxxi Warcraft Healing - Type of person to be a heroic healer

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